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how solar street light works?

First, [about simple working principles]. During the day, the solar panel absorbs solar light energy and converts it into electrical energy and stores it in the battery. At night, the battery supplies power to the street lamps.

Second, [About where to put the battery]. The integrated solar street light uses lithium batteries, which are all packaged together. Of course, the more traditional solar street lights are currently used.

Third, [About DC and AC inverter issues]. At present, solar street lights adopt DC system, 12V or 24V. No additional inverter is required.

Fourth, [About how the photovoltaic controller works]. I briefly summarized from the perspective of its function, the port voltage of the battery panel during the day is higher than the battery voltage, and the controller will reduce it to a certain appropriate range voltage to charge the battery to protect the battery and prolong its life; when the voltage is lower than a certain value , The controller will disconnect the battery board from the battery. When lighting is needed, the controller will connect the battery and the lamps to form a closed loop.

Fifth, [About after the battery is full]. If the battery is full, the controller will also disconnect the closed circuit formed by the battery board and the battery, so that it will no longer be charged.

Sixth, [About battery powering street lights]. It is controlled by the solar street light controller.

Seventh, [About where to put the controller]. It is usually placed inside the light pole near the appliance door.