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What is integrated solar street light?

1.Brief introduction of solar integrated street light:

Solar integrated light, also called integrated solar street light, is a combination of high-efficiency solar panels, 8-year long-life lithium batteries, high-efficiency LEDs and intelligent controllers, PIR human body sensing modules, anti-theft mounting brackets, etc. Integrated solar street lights, also called integrated solar street lights or integrated solar garden lights.

2.working principle:

The integrated solar street light uses sunlight as the energy source. The solar panel charges the lithium battery during the day and the lithium battery powers the light source at night. There is no need for complicated and expensive pipeline laying. The layout of the lamps can be adjusted at will, which is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free, and no manual operation Stable and reliable, saving electricity bills and free of maintenance. Today, when energy conservation and environmental protection are increasingly advocated, integrated solar street lights have attracted more and more attention from people and have become the new darling of road lighting.

3.Advantages of integrated solar street lights:

1. The installation is simple, saving expensive labor costs.

2. Convenient transportation, reducing transportation costs.

3. The integrated anti-theft design protects the lithium battery from being stolen.

4. The service life can reach more than 5 years, and the service life can reach 10 years in Africa, South America and other regions.

5. With light control, human body induction, time control, mobile phone APP and other functions.