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what is the best solar street light?

LED solar street lights use solar radiant energy as energy. Solar panels are used to charge the battery during the day and the battery powers the LED light source at night.

Compared with ordinary street lamps, solar street lamps have the advantages of green, energy saving, and environmental protection.

The intelligent solar street light adds an intelligent system to the solar street light, which can intelligently adjust the lighting time and brightness according to the needs, which effectively improves the use efficiency and service life of the solar street light.

Because the intelligent solar street light is effectively controlled by intelligent, it does not require too much manual inspection and maintenance, which can save more labor costs and effectively carry out cost control.

The solar controller is an electronic controller for overall control and charge and discharge management in the entire solar street light. The sun charges during the day. Perceive the light. In the evening, it will automatically turn on the street lights when it is dark. And detect the illuminance after the street lamp is turned on. Automatically turn off the light after detecting sunlight in the morning.

The main features should be:

Automatic voltage recognition system, perfect charging and discharging management, various protection functions (battery reverse connection, battery board reverse connection, battery overvoltage, battery undervoltage, light control light on, light control light off, timing discharge, etc.)

Different controllers designed by various controller manufacturers have their own characteristics. Mainly to set the timing pattern of discharge and charge management.

A good solar street lamp charging controller should have accurate timing, convenient and intuitive timing mode adjustment. Reasonable charging management, which can maximize the use of battery panels and maximize the power of the battery to maximize the service life of the battery

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