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Do solar lights work in rain or winter?

Solar street lights, as the name suggests, are powered and stored circuit lights with the help of solar energy, so how can solar street lights work normally in long-term rainy weather without the sun?

We first need to understand the working principle of solar street lights. The basic principle of solar energy work is that the solar battery pack converts the radiant energy of the sun into electric energy during the day, which is stored in the battery by the intelligent controller, and the intelligent controller controls the battery to discharge the street lights at night. According to user requirements, reasonable allocation of lighting time.

Ordinary solar street lights, equipped with batteries, can be guaranteed to be used for about 7 days in continuous rainy days. In order to meet the continuous use of rainy days for a longer time, in the design, the area of the solar panel must be enlarged (increasing the power generation), and the capacity of the battery must be increased, which means that the cost must be increased. Solar energy is an energy source that can't provide continuous and stable power supply, so a power storage device must be needed to store the points and output them in a stable manner.

Can solar street lights work continuously in rainy days?

The solar street light itself and the electrical system have a waterproof design and a battery to store energy, and the design has taken into account certain cloudy and rainy weather conditions. So solar street lights can work in rainy days. If there are cloudy and rainy days for several days, it depends on how many continuous cloudy and rainy days the street light configuration can support.

Once there is light in the sky, your solar powered lights will work. Visible light can still pass through cloud cover and rain and get to your solar powered lights. Clear skies will be the most efficient for your solar lights but any visible light will provide them with enough light to work.

Can solar street lights be charged on rainy days?

It can also be charged in rainy days, but the amount of charge will be different according to the degree of rainy days; also according to the principle of energy conservation, if there are long continuous rainy days, because charging is less than discharging, it is impossible for solar street lights to turn on every day 365 days. It is some manufacturers who are playing the side ball and misleading consumers. Because the product design itself generally leaves a margin for about 3 rainy days, and at the same time, because it can be charged in rainy days, it can be turned on, but after more rainy days, it is impossible to turn on the lights overnight.

Similarly, in order to maintain longer rainy days, some manufacturers reduce the lighting power every night to be very low. This can maintain a longer rainy day, but such lighting power makes the road unclear at all. 

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