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How to choose and install indoor led ceiling light

How to choose and install indoor led ceiling light?

1.Open cut size

Hole means a hole in the ceiling above the open, to put downlights.

Whether newly installed or replaced, first be sure to confirm the size and shape of a good opening

2. Depending on the size and shape of the hole, select the appropriate size of the lamp, or round or square or other.

Be sure to cover the hole diameter between the outer diameter and the radiator downlight dia

meter oh. Live card too light, too small, not put into the light.

3. choose light angle

In order to achieve good lighting effects, be sure to choose light angle.

If requested floodlight, select the larger angle, such as 90 degrees, 120 degrees

If the condenser is selected smaller angle, such as 15 degrees, 30 degrees

If you are unsure, you can always choose some angle, such as 45 degrees 60 degrees 90 degrees

We have the many type indoor led ceiling light for your choice.

4. choose the color temperature.

In order to achieve the desired lighting effects, buy lamps must confirm the good color temperature.

In general, home improvement with color temperature 3000-3500K (warm white), 4000-4500K (Neutral white), 5700-5700K (white).

But in some special occasions, such as diamond jewelry store inside the photo, you may have to use 7000-8500K (cool white)

5. Choose the high quality led ceiling light warranty and lifetime is very important. Currently on the market most of the LED lamp life and warranty are 3 years. Our company indoor led ceiling light warranty is 5 years.