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Precautions for the use of solar lights

With the popularity of solar energy, more and more people choose to buy solar lights to use in their garden villas. However, for ordinary consumers, the working principle of solar lights is not very familiar, which may cause some misunderstandings in the use process.Therefore, we have listed some precautions during the use of solar lights for everyone to share and exchange.

(1)The photovoltaic panels should be exposed to sunlight as much as possible when installing. Solar lights, as the name suggests, just use solar energy. It is necessary to ensure that the sunshine can directly hit the photovoltaic panel to absorb energy and supply power to the lamps.

(2)If the photovoltaic panel has a protective film, remove it. Many consumers easily overlook this point. The protective film covering the photovoltaic panel must be torn off, otherwise the efficiency of the photovoltaic panel to absorb sunlight will be greatly reduced.

(3)The line between the photovoltaic panel and the lamp is divided into positive and negative poles, and cannot be reversed. Ensure that the line connectors are in place and connected tightly. If the photovoltaic panel is not connected to the lamp, the solar energy received by the photovoltaic panel cannot be transmitted to the battery in the lamp for storage through the wire, resulting in the lamp without electricity but not on.

(4)If you have spare time, please clean up the photovoltaic panel in about three months to prevent fallen leaves, dust and stains on the surface.

(5)The light control program of solar lights has priority. Many remote controllers are convenient for turning off the lamps during transportation. The remote control is not very useful in actual use. It is basically not necessary except for debugging during installation.




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