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What are the features of all in one solar street light?

Integrated solar street light features: 

1.Integrated solar street light is integrated design, simple, stylish, lightweight, practical, The use of solar power to save energy and protect the Earth's resources.

2.The use of human infrared sensor control technology, people to light, people go light, extend the lighting time.

3. The use of high-capacity long-life lithium battery to ensure that the product life, generally up to 8 years of life.

4. No need to pull the cable, the installation is extremely convenient;

5. Waterproof structure, safe and reliable.

6. easier to expand timing, voice and other functions.

7. modular design concept, easy to install, maintain, repair.

8. The use of alloy material as the main structure, with good anti-rust, anti-corrosion function.

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